These crests include anomalies created by the shirt manufacturer and so do not necessarily conform to the official club crest at that time.

2015 - present

The club crest reverted back to a plain Minoan ox head, which was last seen in 1986. Initially this was to be for just one season, however, due to its overwhelming popularity amongst supporters, it was announced that this crest would once again become the clubs official crest.


This new club crest was designed by Rob Alderman to coincide with Oxford United’s new beginning at the Kassam stadium. It still incorporated Desmond Morris’s Minoan Bull, but with a darker background which contrasted well on yellow shirts. Modern textile and embroidery techniques has meant that this particular crest was faithfully reproduced by all kit manufacturers. In all cases this crest was a separate badge affixed to the garments.


This was a slight variation to the earlier crest, which now included text. The detailing within the ox was nicely picked-out with yellow embroidery.


The club crest now featured the Minoan Ox inside a shield which also included water. The ox head was poorly reproduced, with single colour embroidery on these shirts.


The 1995 Manor Leisure shirts were now corrected from the previous seasons reproduction error.


The club crest on the Manor Leisure shirts was reproduced incorrectly, with the Ox’s nostrils hollow. These crests featured embossed screen printing, giving the logo a slight 3D effect.


The 1993 shirt crest commemorated the clubs centenary, (as both Headington and Oxford United). This particular crest only appeared on the yellow shirts.


The Matchwinner shirt crests were single colour and screen-printed.


The player issued Scoreline shirts featured the club crest picked out in red embroidery.


The Scoreline match issued shirts were embroidered in two colours. However, the replica kit crests were single colour and screen-printed.


As with all the Umbro shirts from 85-89, the match issued shirt crests were embroidered in two colours, whilst fans replica kit featured a single colour fuzzy-felt effect on the club crests.


The crest on the home shirts commemorated Oxford United’s 25th anniversary in the football league. For this crest, Umbro had now improved the reproduction of the ox.


The 1986 shirts featured a plain Minoan ox, with no text. Like the ‘85 shirts, the ox was poorly reproduced with the horns looking less curved than they should.


For Oxford United’s first season in the top flight of English football, Umbro produced shirts featuring commemorative text.


Following promotion as champions, Spall produced a crest with commemorative text arching around the ox head.


Spall didn’t do a particularly great job of reproducing the club crest on the shirts. The Ox’s head was stretched and also had the curve at the top of the head inverted.


The Adidas shirts of the early 80’s had simple Minoan ox, and the initials OUFC embroidered.


A brand new club crest was introduced, featuring the familiar Ox that is still present today. This simplified design of a Minoan bull was created by club director Desmond Morris, who was also a renowned zoologist and author in human sociobiology.


The Adidas kits of 1978 were the last to feature this incarnation of the club crest. For reasons unknown the 1977 shirts did not feature any crest.


Interestingly, these yellow / black crests featured on the clubs very first yellow / blue kit.


This was the very first time an Oxford United shirt featured a club crest. This crest first appeared on the front cover of match programmes the same season.

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